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hedwig and the angry inch

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Hedwig and the Angry Inch [09 Aug 2006|04:20pm]

I have always been a bit unsatisfied with the Hedwig icons that I made last year on July 10, 1005 . A year later, I would like to believe that my Photoshopping skills have developed and matured a bit. Therefore, I remade some of the older ones, and I think that I have finally done them justice. There aren't too many, but they took me a long time to make nonetheless. Comparisons shown.


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Hedwig and the Angry Inch [wallpaper] [26 Mar 2006|04:45pm]

i made my first ever wallpaper so i hope you guys enjoy this :)

size is 1280 x 1024. if you want other sizes, comment.

[05 Sep 2005|10:36pm]


10 fight club
10 hedwig and the angry inch

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[15 May 2005|09:08pm]

Hey there!

I'm looking to make a Hedwig and the Angry inch costume.. I bought all the stuff to make the Yankee-Go-Home-With-Me cape, I already own all of the make-up and clothes, so I'm ALMOST all set.

Except for, of course, the infamous wig! :D

I'm a teenager with no job, so I'm on a VERY limited budget, here. There's a brilliant Hedwig wig for sale at the eBay store called "SECONDS-PLEASE," but it's fifty buckaroos. Does anyone know of any other places that sell/make Hedwig-style wigs for less than fifty dollars?

Oh, and I realize Hedwig's got a lot of wigs- I'm talking about the one she wears most often, the Ferrah-looking one with the sausage curls on the side and the long waves, etc.

Used is fine, so if you own a wig you don't want anymore, I'll be glad to take it off your hands!

Thanks so much! I really appreciate any help you're willing to give. :D

(X-posted to, like, a MILLION Hedwig communities. Sorry if you have to see it more than once, eek!)

When The Earth Was Still Flat... [27 Feb 2005|08:56pm]

[ mood | touched ]

So I'm feeling all Hedwig at the moment.... Just touches me... So I made a couple of Hedwig icons.....
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i just wanted to share a banner i made... [29 Sep 2004|11:36am]

[ mood | silly ]

i just wanted to share a banner i made...

angry inch bannerCollapse )


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[30 Aug 2004|10:24pm]

Hello, new here.

I just saw Hedwig & The Angry Inch, earlier today. It's a piece of art. Every scean & detail depicting art. I loved it. Love the boys in the band. Hotness.
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[27 Aug 2004|08:42pm]

join amazin_photoz

yay! [18 Aug 2004|11:30am]

[ mood | crazy ]

Thank god for hedwig!
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